Anita Douglas Shadow Health Assessment

Anita Douglas Shadow Health Assessment

Anita Douglas Shadow Health AssessmentAnita Douglas, a 72-year-old Black woman, serves as a pivotal figure in both graduate and undergraduate Dynamic Clinical Experiences (DCEs), immersing students in the intricacies of real-world patient care. Within the graduate curriculum, Anita takes center stage in both the Advanced Pharmacology and Advanced Diagnostics DCEs, offering invaluable learning opportunities for aspiring healthcare professionals. Particularly in the Advanced Diagnostics DCE, Anita’s health struggles come to light, as she grapples with persistent fatigue and weakness, hindering her ability to perform daily activities for an extended period. Tragically, her distress has often been disregarded as mere symptoms of aging, emphasizing the pervasive issue of ageism within healthcare contexts.

In navigating interactions with Anita, students are urged to exercise heightened sensitivity, recognizing the potential implications of implicit age biases on patient care outcomes. Research underscores the detrimental effects of ageism in healthcare, ranging from compromised quality of care to increased prevalence of health conditions and escalated healthcare expenses (Levy et al., 2018). Moreover, older minority individuals, like Anita, are disproportionately affected by discriminatory practices, leading to delayed access to care and suboptimal communication with healthcare providers (Rhee et al., 2019). Thus, within these simulated environments, students are challenged to confront and mitigate their inherent biases related to race, gender, and age, which may skew their interpretation of patients’ symptoms and diagnostic processes. Moreover, they are tasked with integrating potential risk factors into their diagnostic deliberations to ensure comprehensive patient-centered care.

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Anita Douglas Final Diagnosis Conditions of the Hematologic System

Transitioning to the undergraduate realm, Anita’s role extends to the Leadership DCE, where she represents one of five patients under students’ care at Shadow General Hospital. Over a span of three consecutive days, students are immersed in a dynamic learning environment, where they grapple with various leadership concepts, ranging from prioritization and delegation to ethics, change management, and patient advocacy. For Anita, this educational journey translates into a meticulous evaluation of her condition, with the overarching goal of facilitating positive patient outcomes. Struggling with a hip injury and three days of hospitalization, Anita’s aspirations for autonomy come to the forefront, as she expresses a desire to ambulate independently and seeks guidance on physical therapy and fall prevention strategies. However, when faced with her premature request for discharge, students are compelled to employ their burgeoning leadership skills to navigate this delicate situation while prioritizing Anita’s best interests.

The simulations offered within the Shadow Health program encompass a diverse array of scenarios, encompassing both advanced and foundational aspects of healthcare training. From the intricacies of pharmacological interventions to the nuanced diagnostic processes and the multifaceted realm of leadership in patient care, students are afforded a comprehensive educational experience aimed at honing their clinical acumen and fostering patient-centered care practices.

Anita Douglas Shadow Health Assessment

Anita Douglas is a 72-year-old African American woman who takes part in both advanced and basic healthcare training scenarios. In the advanced sessions for graduate students, Anita participates in exercises focusing on advanced medication and advanced diagnostic skills. In the advanced diagnostic session, Anita has been feeling tired and weak for a few months, making it hard for her to do everyday tasks. Unfortunately, her symptoms have been brushed off as just a part of growing old.

When dealing with Anita, students need to be careful not to treat her differently because of her age. Discrimination against older people in healthcare can lead to worse treatment, more health problems, and higher medical bills. Discrimination is even worse for older people who belong to minority groups, like Anita. They often face delays in getting care and poor communication from healthcare providers. In these training scenarios, students must remember that their own biases about race, gender, and age can affect how they understand a patient’s symptoms. They also need to think about possible risk factors when making a diagnosis.

In the basic leadership training session, Anita is one of five patients students are responsible for over three days at Shadow General Hospital. During this time, students learn about leadership skills like prioritizing tasks, delegating responsibilities, making ethical decisions, managing change, and speaking up for patients. For Anita, this means making sure she gets the right care for her hip injury. After being in the hospital for three days, Anita wants to start walking on her own and keep her independence. She also wants to learn about physical therapy and how to prevent falls in the future. When she asks to leave the hospital early even though she hasn’t reached her goals, students will need to use their leadership skills to decide what to do.

The training scenarios are part of the Shadow Health program and cover topics like advanced medication, advanced diagnostics, and leadership skills for undergraduate and graduate students.

Simulations in Shadow Health

  • Graduate DCEs: Advanced Pharmacology DCE | Advanced Diagnostics DCE
  • Undergraduate DCE: Leadership DCE


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