Felipe Barbosa Shadow Health Assessment

Felipe Barbosa Shadow Health Assessments

Felipe Barbosa Shadow Health AssessmentsFelipe Barbosa, a 48-year-old man originally from Brazil but now residing in the United States, visited a primary care facility known as the Advanced Primary Care – Adult Management DCE due to a rash he was experiencing. Despite his physical discomfort, Felipe finds solace in his personal life. He shares a loving and committed marriage with his husband, Marvin, having enjoyed three years of marital bliss together. Additionally, Felipe takes great pride in his profession as a firefighter, finding fulfillment in his role as a protector and serving his community. However, amidst the backdrop of his seemingly content life, Felipe recently encountered a distressing event that left him grappling with profound grief and emotional turmoil.

Recognizing the importance of cultural competency in healthcare, the Shadow Health team meticulously crafted the learning objectives for this case by drawing insights from published research and empirical evidence. Given the prevalence of implicit biases among healthcare providers, particularly against individuals from Latino and LGBTQ+ communities, Felipe is at an increased risk of encountering discrimination during his medical encounter. To prepare students for engaging with diverse patient populations, they are first provided with guidance emphasizing the significance of understanding patient demographics and the influence of both overt and covert biases on healthcare disparities.

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Specifically, students are reminded of the systemic discrimination faced by members of the LGBTQ+ community, which not only hinders their access to equitable healthcare but also influences their perceptions of and responses to medical treatment. Thus, students are encouraged to cultivate respectful and empathetic interactions, particularly with gender and sexual minorities, to mitigate the barriers to care that these individuals often encounter. Through this education and awareness, future healthcare professionals can strive to create a more inclusive and equitable healthcare environment for all patients, regardless of their background or identity.

Felipe Barbosa Sick Visit Shadow Health Subjective Data Collection

Felipe Barbosa Shadow Health Assessments

Felipe Barbosa, a man from Brazil who now lives in America, is 48 years old. He went to see a doctor because he has a rash. He visited a doctor who works in a place called Advanced Primary Care – Adult Management DCE. Felipe is happily married to his husband, Marvin, for three years. He works as a firefighter and feels proud of it. However, something upsetting happened to him recently, causing him a lot of sadness.

The Shadow Health team looked at research and evidence when they made the goals for learning about different cultures in this situation. Because some doctors might treat people from Latino or gay communities unfairly without realizing it, Felipe might face unfair treatment. Before students practice with this case, they learn about why knowing about a patient’s background is important. They also learn about how both obvious and hidden biases can make healthcare unfair. This can also affect how a person sees and reacts to healthcare. Specifically, students are reminded to be kind and understanding to people who are LGBTQ+. They learn this because LGBTQ+ people often face unfair treatment in healthcare, which could make them avoid seeking help. So, it’s important for students to practice being respectful and understanding towards people of different genders and sexual orientations.

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Simulations in Shadow Health

  • Graduate DCE: Advanced Primary Care – Adult Management DCE

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