Lupe Sosa Shadow Health Assessment

Lupe Sosa Shadow Health Assessment

Lupe Sosa Shadow Health AssessmentLupe Sosa, a 21-year-old individual, is currently navigating the challenging landscape of college life. Despite their young age, Lupe has taken on a multitude of responsibilities, demonstrating an impressive ability to balance various commitments. Not only are they fully immersed in their academic pursuits as a double major in philosophy and music, but they also contribute to their financial support through a work/study position at the library. Beyond the confines of academia, Lupe’s interests extend into the realm of music as they showcase their talent as a DJ at local nightclubs. Additionally, they participate in club fencing, indicating a diverse range of interests and extracurricular activities. Amidst their busy schedule, Lupe prioritizes maintaining strong connections with their circle of friends and cherished family members, reflecting a deep-rooted commitment to nurturing meaningful relationships.

One significant aspect of Lupe’s identity is their gender expression as non-binary, a term used to describe individuals who do not identify exclusively as either male or female. For Lupe, this means transcending traditional gender categories and embracing a fluid sense of self that defies societal norms and expectations. By using they/them pronouns, Lupe asserts their right to self-identify in a manner that aligns with their authentic identity, challenging the binary constructs of gender that dominate mainstream discourse.

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In the realm of medical education, Lupe’s character serves as a focal point within the Advanced Primary Care: Mental Health* DCE, offering students a valuable opportunity to engage with a diverse range of patient experiences. Within this simulated scenario, students are tasked with assisting Lupe in exploring the underlying factors contributing to their sleep disturbances, highlighting the intersection of mental health and holistic patient care.

To ensure the authenticity and inclusivity of Lupe’s character, Shadow Health collaborated with Trans Equity Consulting, a respected organization with specialized expertise in medical simulation and a profound understanding of the unique needs and challenges faced by LGBTQ+ communities. Through this partnership, the development team gained valuable insights into the nuances of gender identity and expression, enabling them to create a more nuanced and empathetic portrayal of non-binary individuals in healthcare settings.

Central to Lupe’s simulation experience is a Rapport Building activity designed to cultivate essential communication skills among students. This interactive exercise encourages students to introduce themselves using their preferred pronouns, thereby fostering a culture of respect and inclusion. Moreover, students learn to inquire about Lupe’s preferred mode of address, demonstrating a commitment to affirming their identity and creating a supportive environment for open dialogue.

Within the context of this activity, students also confront the issue of microaggressions, subtle yet harmful actions or comments that can perpetuate discrimination and undermine the therapeutic relationship. By addressing common microaggressions against non-binary patients, such as misgendering or refusing to use their chosen name, students gain valuable insights into the barriers faced by marginalized communities within healthcare settings. Recognizing the profound impact of these seemingly minor interactions, students are empowered to challenge biased assumptions and advocate for more inclusive and equitable care practices.

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In essence, Lupe’s simulation serves as a catalyst for meaningful dialogue and reflection within the realm of medical education, highlighting the importance of cultural competence, empathy, and advocacy in addressing the diverse needs of patients from marginalized communities. Through thoughtful engagement and proactive intervention, students are empowered to create a more inclusive and affirming healthcare environment, where every individual, regardless of their gender identity or expression, feels valued, respected, and supported in their journey towards holistic well-being.

Lupe Sosa Shadow Health Assessment

Lupe Sosa, aged 21, is a student at college. They have a lot going on in their life! They study both philosophy and music, work at the library through a program called work/study, perform as a DJ at local clubs, participate in club fencing, and maintain strong connections with their friends and family. Lupe doesn’t identify as either a man or a woman; instead, they are non-binary. This means they don’t feel like they fit into the typical categories of male or female.

In the Advanced Primary Care: Mental Health* DCE, students get to interact with Lupe. In this scenario, students help Lupe figure out why they’re having trouble sleeping.

To create Lupe’s character, the folks at Shadow Health teamed up with Trans Equity Consulting. This organization knows a lot about making simulations for medical training and has strong connections with LGBTQ+ communities.

During Lupe’s simulation, students get to practice important communication skills through a Rapport Building activity. They start by introducing themselves and sharing their pronouns. Then, they find out how Lupe wants to be addressed. The activity also teaches students about microaggressions, which are small but hurtful actions, that non-binary patients like Lupe might face in healthcare. Things like using the wrong pronouns or not using their chosen name can be hurtful. By addressing these issues, students learn how to better connect with patients who might face discrimination or unkind treatment in healthcare settings. It’s a small step, but it can make a big difference in building trust and understanding with patients who need it most.

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Simulations in Shadow Health

  • Graduate DCE: Advanced Primary Care: Mental Health* DCE

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