Nursing Jobs You Can do from home

Nursing Jobs You Can do from home

The rise of remote work and telehealth gained significant attention during the pandemic. Both patients and healthcare providers welcomed the convenience and accessibility that these approaches offer. Work-from-home nurses, especially those who are parents seeking a balanced work-life situation and flexibility, find remote work and telehealth appealing.

The concept of telehealth can have varying interpretations depending on the provider. In general, it refers to the delivery of healthcare services over a long distance, primarily relying on electronic communication methods such as video conferencing and online platforms. On the other hand, remote work does not exclusively involve the delivery of healthcare services; it can encompass various nursing-related roles like freelance writing.

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The prevailing shortage of nurses nationwide has led to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics projecting a growth rate of 7% for registered nurses (RNs) and 52% for nurse practitioners (NPs) between 2019 and 2029. Telehealth services have proven beneficial for individuals in rural areas and elderly, home-bound patients, thereby driving an increased demand for telehealth professionals.

The Process of Becoming a Virtual Nurse

To become a telehealth nurse, one must possess a valid RN license, which necessitates either an associate degree in nursing (ADN) or a bachelor of science in nursing (BSN), in addition to achieving a passing score on the National Council Licensure Examination for RNs (NCLEX-RN). Training in telecommunication, including video conferencing, email, and messaging, is also essential for virtual nurses. Typically, nurses gain a few years of experience in direct patient care before transitioning to telehealth, along with earning telehealth certification. Depending on the state and telehealth company, an RN may need to be licensed under a multistate or compact license agreement.

Prerequisites for Work-From-Home Nursing Roles

Most work-from-home nursing positions mandate an RN license, along with either an ADN or a BSN degree. These undergraduate programs prepare graduates to successfully pass the NCLEX-RN exam for state licensure.

Prospective nursing school applicants typically require a high school diploma or GED certificate, a GPA ranging from 2.5 to 3.0, and coursework encompassing subjects like anatomy, biology, physiology, and statistics. These programs equip students with essential skills in patient care, critical thinking, and healthcare resources. For RNs seeking career advancement, pursuing a master of science in nursing (MSN) allows specialization in specific patient groups and areas such as healthcare education and administration.

An MSN degree often leads to increased pay and more diverse job opportunities. Many MSN graduates become advanced practice registered nurses, a licensure category that includes nurse practitioners. These professionals perform duties akin to physicians, particularly in underserved communities and areas with high patient loads.

An MSN program typically spans 2 to 3 years and often requires applicants to hold a BSN, possess an active RN license, maintain a GPA of around 3.0, submit GRE scores, and have 1 to 2 years of nursing experience. Each applicant for licensure must pass a national examination in their chosen specialty area, conducted by organizations such as the American Academy of Nurse Practitioners, American Nurses Credentialing Center, or Pediatric Nursing Certification Board.

Common Work-From-Home Nursing Jobs

1. Telephone Triage Nurse

Telephone triage nurses play a significant role in the healthcare landscape. They assess symptoms over the phone and provide recommendations to patients, advising them whether immediate medical attention is required or if scheduling an appointment with a physician is sufficient. The salary range for telephone triage nurses is reported to be between $29,000 and $74,000 as of June 2021.

2. Nurse Case Manager

Nurse case managers engage in communication with patients, care providers, and insurance companies to address required services and eligibility for coverage. They also interact with employers regarding work-related injuries and conditions. Nurse case management can lead to a fruitful remote career, with average salaries around $73,690.

3. Insurance Claims Nurse

Nurses in insurance claims positions find employment in hospitals and insurance companies. They review patients’ insurance policies to determine coverage for necessary services, and they may recommend adjustments to care plans. Insurance claims nurses, on average, earn salaries of approximately $71,990.

4. Legal Nurse Consultant

Legal nurse consultants assist attorneys in medical cases. While legal training is not a strict requirement, nurses in this role need proficiency in medical chronology and case analysis. These consultants leverage their medical expertise to provide valuable insights to lawyers. The reported average salary for legal nurse consultants is about $79,740.

5. Freelance Nurse Writer

For nurses with a passion for writing, a career as a medical or freelance writer offers an opportunity to work remotely from anywhere. Expertise in medical terminology and procedures is crucial for this role. Freelance writers, on average, earn around $40,850, while medical writers average $73,590.

How to Become a Nurse Freelancer

6. Nursing Informatics

Nursing informatics entails managing medical software and hardware, training medical staff on patient care applications, and conducting system updates and troubleshooting. This role requires clinical nursing experience and familiarity with electronic health records. The average salary for nursing informatics positions is approximately $79,630.

7. Online Nursing Instructor

Online nursing instruction has gained popularity, with professionals teaching classes and designing curricula for virtual nursing programs. These instructors may also provide training for clinical staff and evaluate their performance. Clinical nurse educators earn around $77,280, while college instructors average $50,640.

8. Healthcare Recruiter

Healthcare recruiters play a critical role in ensuring adequate staffing levels in medical institutions. They conduct candidate screenings and interviews, facilitate communication between job seekers and employers, and oversee the hiring process. Healthcare recruiters earn an average base salary of $47,800.

9. Remote Disease Intervention Specialist

Disease intervention specialists focus on promoting awareness and providing guidance related to communicable diseases, treatment options, home care procedures, and available resources. These professionals identify at-risk communities and groups, sometimes requiring on-site visits. The average salary for disease intervention specialists is around $39,050.

10. Virtual Clinical Trial Manager

BSN or MSN graduates with management experience can oversee clinical trials, including participant recruitment, protocol development, progress monitoring, budget management, and reporting. This remote nursing job may involve some travel and comes with an average salary of $98,140.

Where to Find Remote Nursing Jobs

Several healthcare organizations offer remote nursing positions, including:

Opportunities for Remote Nursing Jobs:

Here are some healthcare organizations that offer remote nursing positions:

1. Anthem:
– Headquarters: Indianapolis
– Among the largest healthcare companies in the U.S.
– Offers work-from-home RN jobs in insurance claims.

2. Carenet Health:
– Location: San Antonio
– Provides telehealth and clinical support
– Hires work-from-home clinical care advisors and care coordinators
– Offers signing bonuses for certain positions.

3. Conifer Health Solutions:
– Offices: Frisco, Texas
– Offers managed health services
– Hires remote coders, clinical supervisors, and personal health nurses
– Some roles may involve travel.

4. CVS Health:
– Offers telephonic RN positions
– Focuses on medication education and support for patients and caregivers
– RNs work from home and provide advice over the telephone.

5. Inland Empire Health Plan:
– Location: San Bernardino, California
– Offers RN work-from-home opportunities
– Positions include insurance claims nurses, quality assurance nurses, and care managers.

6. Nurse Telephone Triage Service (NTTS):
– Located in Holyoke, Massachusetts
– An RN-owned organization
– Hires telephone triage work-from-home nurses with experience in intensive care, pediatric intensive care, and emergency room nursing.

7. Professional Dynamics:
– Based in Folsom, California
– A managed care service company
– Hires work-from-home nurses as remote case managers and telephone advice nurses.

8. RPM Healthcare:
– Location: St. Petersburg, Florida
– Offers reimbursable remote patient monitoring
– Hires nurses as care coaches for telephone outreach, patient care, and check-ins.

9. UnitedHealth Group:
– Location: Minnetonka, Minnesota
– A health insurance company
– Employs work-from-home RNs in case management, care advocacy, and clinical analytics.

10. Wheel:
– Based in Austin, Texas
– Provides telehealth services
– Hires RNs and NPs with experience in family medicine, primary care, urgent care, emergency care, or pediatric care.

These organizations present opportunities for remote nursing roles, allowing nurses to contribute their expertise while benefiting from the flexibility of remote work.

These organizations provide opportunities for remote work, allowing nurses to leverage their expertise while enjoying the flexibility of working from home.

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