Tips for Studying and Resources to Help You through Nursing Final Exams

Tips for Studying and Resources to Help You through Nursing Final Exams

Nursing final exams can be very stressful for students. Dr. Audrey Auer, an expert, shares some helpful advice to reduce stress and study better during this crucial time. Nursing school finals can make you feel stressed, especially for tough courses. Nursing covers various skills and knowledge areas, like anatomy and communication. Some topics might be challenging. Clinical hours in nursing school can be physically demanding, making studying difficult.

To succeed in your nursing school finals, follow these tips from Dr. Audrey Auer, who’s the director of nursing education services at Nightingale College.

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Top Tips for Nursing Finals by Dr. Audrey Auer

Dr. Auer gives practical advice for preparing for nursing finals and handling stress. One important tip: start planning early. Don’t wait until the last minute to think about doing well in your finals.

1. Make a Visual Study Plan

Create a study plan to get ready for exams. Seeing all the topics in one place helps you know what to study and where to focus.

Humans understand things visually. Dr. Auer suggests using shells or rocks on your desk—one for each major topic. Move them as you complete each topic to see your progress. Mind maps or diagrams can also help you organize and remember information. The more you think about the material, including visually organizing it, the better you’ll remember it.

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2. Stay Current with Assigned Readings

Dr. Auer stresses the importance of keeping up with your readings during the course. This way, you won’t be overwhelmed when preparing for the exam. If you have questions, ask your instructor early. This is crucial for understanding the basics, as it’s tough to learn advanced topics if the foundation is unclear.

Reading mindfully helps you remember more. Write down important ideas as you read. Writing by hand is better for memory, and you can even rewrite it as if explaining it to a child. If you can explain something simply, you understand it well. This helps you know what you don’t grasp fully and aids in remembering.

3. Pay Attention to Your Body’s Needs

Skipping activities like eating well, exercising, and sleeping might seem like a good idea to focus on studying. But neglecting these can harm your performance. Exercise and sleep give your brain time to process information. If stress affects your sleep, try meditation. Avoid electronics before bedtime or use blue light filters to signal your body it’s time to sleep.

Dr. Auer advises, “Rest well the night before the exam and eat and drink enough up to an hour before. Remember that online exams might not allow bathroom breaks, so use the restroom before the exam starts.”

4. Join Study Sessions with Teachers

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Attending a study session can help you understand the kind of questions on your exam. Professors or assistants may lead these sessions based on the exam topics. This information helps you focus your study efforts and save time.

Clear your schedule for these sessions. Studying with other students in a group helps after the session. Be prepared with questions for the review. These sessions might be your last chance to clarify doubts about certain concepts.

5. Feeling Overwhelmed? You’re Not Alone

Each student’s experience in nursing school is different. Some topics will be challenging, and others easier. Feeling stressed or discouraged is normal. Remember, others have been through this too.

Your school’s resources, like advisors or student services, can help. Don’t hesitate to admit if you’re struggling. It’s better to ask for help than to struggle alone.

On Reddit’s r/StudentNurse, students and nurses shared tips on motivation and stress management. MyOwnGuitarHero advises, “Every stage has its learning curve. This is like a roller-coaster—sometimes tough, scary, but it’s part of the journey.”

If you’re overwhelmed, consider joining or forming a study group. They help practice tough concepts and provide support when you’re feeling demotivated.

Useful Study Tools for Nursing Finals

Online tools help nursing students. Some help you memorize, others help you process information. Choose tools based on the topic and your learning style.

Flash Cards

Use flash cards to memorize facts quickly. Good for facts and single-answer questions. You can make your own or use others’.

Quizlet: Online flashcards for various topics, including nursing. Free and expert-made flashcards available with Quizlet Plus.
Anki: Free tool to create or use flashcards. Customizable for your needs.
Chegg: Blend of Quizlet and Anki, you can create your own or use others’ flashcards.

Mind Maps

Mind mapping software helps you draw diagrams of related ideas. Helpful for visual learners.

Lucidchart: Good for process and mind mapping. Paid version available.
GitMind: Free for mind mapping and brainstorming.
MindMup: Free, with more storage in the paid version. Convert to other programs.

Note Taking

Note-taking is crucial in nursing school, no matter how you learn. Review notes regularly.

Notability: Combines text and visuals. Only on Apple devices.
OneNote: Integrates with Microsoft products. Also stands alone.
Google Docs: Collaborative and easy to share.

In Conclusion

Nursing finals are tough, but you can manage stress and do well. Take care of your health and find study tools that suit you. Keep up with readings and read mindfully. Seek help when needed—whether for studying or stress management.

Picture yourself calm and ready for finals. Get into that mindset as finals approach. This will help you make the most of your preparation.

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