Top Scholarships for Master’s in Nursing Students

Top Scholarships for Master’s in Nursing Students

Getting a master’s degree in nursing (MSN) can be expensive, but there are scholarships available to help. Here are some of the best scholarships for nursing students pursuing their MSN degree.Nursing school can be costly, especially if you’re aiming for an advanced degree like an MSN. But don’t worry – there are options to get financial aid that can make it more affordable. Take a look at these scholarships for nursing students pursuing their MSN degree. These scholarships can ease the financial burden and help you achieve your academic and professional goals.

Notable MSN Scholarships

Check out these scholarships for nurses who are interested in pursuing or currently pursuing an MSN degree. Application periods and deadlines may vary.

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Air Force Health Professions Scholarship Program

– Eligibility: This scholarship program is sponsored by the Air Force and is available for various specialties like nurse anesthetist, certified nurse midwife, women’s health nurse practitioner, and family nurse practitioner. Winners receive tuition and fee coverage along with a monthly stipend, but they must commit to three years of service in the Air Force after completing their nursing studies.

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TYLENOL Future Care Scholarship

– Eligibility: TYLENOL awards 35 scholarships annually to students entering medical school, nursing programs, or pharmacy schools. To apply, you need to be a U.S. resident, a graduate student, or a college senior enrolling in a graduate program. The scholarship money can be used for tuition, books, and required equipment.

March of Dimes Graduate Nursing Scholarship

– Eligibility: This scholarship, in partnership with Pampers, is for RNs pursuing graduate studies focused on maternal-child nursing. Applicants should be active members of specific nursing organizations. The scholarship supports graduate students in these programs.

Nursing Economics Foundation Scholarships

– Eligibility: Registered nurses (RNs) pursuing a master’s or doctoral program with a focus on administration or management can apply for this scholarship. Applicants should plan to work in administration, management, leadership, or education after graduation.

Oncology Nursing Society Foundation Scholarship

– Eligibility: RNs pursuing a master’s degree with a commitment to oncology nursing can apply for this scholarship. The scholarship aims to support those who are accepted or enrolled in accredited nursing programs.

Nurses Educational Funds, Inc. (NEF) Scholarship

– Eligibility: Current RNs pursuing a master’s degree in nursing at an accredited graduate school can apply for this scholarship. Applicants should be members of national nursing associations.

Deborah E. Trautman Future Nurse Leader Scholarship

– Eligibility: This scholarship is for graduate nursing students who plan to take leadership roles in academic nursing. Applicants must be enrolled in graduate programs at schools affiliated with the American Association of Colleges of Nursing (AACN) member schools.

These scholarships can significantly assist nursing students pursuing their MSN degrees. If you’re planning to advance your nursing career, explore these options to make your education more affordable.

Top Scholarships for Nurse Practitioner Students

If you’re a nurse pursuing or currently in a nurse practitioner degree program, there are scholarships available to support your education. The application periods and deadlines for these scholarships vary.

Financial Help for Under-served Nursing Students

American Association of Nurse Practitioners (AANP) Scholarship

– Eligibility: This scholarship is exclusively for AANP members who are enrolled in an accredited graduate school and are working towards an advanced nursing degree. Applicants should hold an RN license and have completed at least one semester of classes.

CVS Together We Care Nurse Practitioner Scholarship

– Eligibility: This scholarship, in partnership with Johnson & Johnson, offers awards to both MSN and doctoral students. Applicants must be enrolled in a program leading to initial certification as an advanced practice registered nurse (APRN) with a family nurse practitioner certification. A minimum GPA of 3.2 and strong community involvement are required.

Nurse Practitioner Healthcare Foundation (NPHF)/Procter & Gamble Endowed Scholarship in Community Service

– Eligibility: This scholarship is for nurse practitioner graduate students currently pursuing a master’s or doctoral program. Applicants should have demonstrated significant positive contributions in their community or patient care while pursuing their advanced degree.

Common Questions About MSN Scholarships

What’s typically needed to apply for MSN scholarships?

– Applicants usually need to provide transcripts from their most recent academic program and letters of reference. They might also need to have achieved an average GPA of 3.0 in their previous program and submit a short writing sample addressing the scholarship’s focus.

When is the best time to apply for an MSN scholarship?

– Deadlines for MSN scholarships typically fall between the end of December and early February. It’s a good idea to start looking for and applying to scholarships in the summer before the academic year begins. Consider beginning your scholarship search and application process up to a year before your program starts.

Are MSN scholarships available for online students?

– While there might not be numerous scholarships specifically for online MSN students, most scholarships can be applied to online programs. If it’s not clear whether the scholarship is available for online students, you can contact the awarding organization to inquire.

Are MSN scholarships competitive?

– Yes, MSN scholarships can be competitive. Selection committees often look for applicants who excel academically and exhibit strong professional and social qualities. Demonstrating a well-rounded approach and a commitment to the future of nursing can increase your chances of receiving a scholarship.

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