Xavier Daniels Shadow Health Assessment

Xavier Daniels Shadow Health Assessment

Xavier Daniels Shadow Health AssessmentXavier Daniels, a 54-year-old individual of African descent, arrived at the clinic seeking medical attention as part of the Advanced Primary Care: Adult DCE program. Having been laid off from work three years prior, he remained without health insurance until securing employment as an electrician just two months before his appointment. Xavier’s last encounter with a healthcare provider occurred three and a half years ago, during which he received a diagnosis of high blood pressure. However, he left the appointment feeling dissatisfied as the provider failed to offer adequate guidance on managing his condition and implied that future medical visits might be financially burdensome.

Xavier’s perception of his previous healthcare encounter was marked by feelings of rudeness and dismissal, leading him to speculate whether racial bias played a role in the subpar treatment he received. The recognition of such racial disparities in healthcare highlights the challenges individuals from marginalized communities face in accessing quality medical care. Within the framework of the DCE program, students are tasked with honing their skills in establishing trust and rapport with patients, while also delving into the identification and mitigation of barriers to care, such as the experienced racial bias impacting Xavier’s unmet health needs. Furthermore, students will undertake a comprehensive assessment of Xavier’s health concerns, employing therapeutic communication techniques to collaboratively devise a treatment plan tailored to his specific needs and circumstances.

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Xavier Daniels Shadow Health Assessment

Xavier Daniels is a 54-year-old man who is Black. He came to the clinic for a visit to start getting regular care during the Advanced Primary Care: Adult DCE. He lost his job three years ago and didn’t have health insurance until he started working as an electrician two months ago, just before this visit. Xavier saw a doctor last time three and a half years ago. Back then, he was told he had high blood pressure. But he didn’t feel like the doctor helped him much. The doctor didn’t explain how to manage high blood pressure and made Xavier feel like he couldn’t afford to come back for more visits.

Xavier thought his last doctor was impolite and didn’t pay attention to him—maybe because of his skin color. When healthcare providers treat people differently because of their race, it makes it harder for patients to get the right care. In this training program, students learn how to build trust with patients and talk to them openly about any barriers to getting care, like racial bias. They’ll also check out Xavier’s health worries and talk with him about how to make a plan to help him feel better.

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  • Graduate DCE: Advanced Primary Care: Adult DCE

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