Zachary LaFontaine Shadow Health Assessment

Zachary LaFontaine Shadow Health Assessment

Zachary LaFontaine Shadow Health AssessmentIn the context of the Advanced Primary Care – Pediatrics DCE program, students are afforded the invaluable opportunity to engage directly with Daanis and her son Zachary. Through this hands-on experience, students assume responsibility for Zachary’s care during critical stages of his infancy and early childhood, starting with his 2-month well visit and later transitioning to a scenario involving a sick visit during his toddler years.

Throughout these interactions, students are exposed to a multitude of learning facets. One notable aspect involves discovering and appreciating the cultural nuances inherent in Daanis’s upbringing and practices, particularly regarding Zachary’s sleeping arrangement on a cradleboard—a traditional mode of infant transportation and resting utilized by indigenous communities both historically and contemporarily. While this facet serves as a focal point for understanding cultural diversity, it also serves as a springboard for exploring broader themes in infant care relevant across various demographic contexts.

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Moreover, the encounter with Daanis and Zachary serves as a lens through which students gain insight into the inequities prevalent within healthcare systems. Daanis, a resilient individual who sustains herself through a combination of work and education, exemplifies the challenges faced by many in accessing adequate healthcare while juggling multiple responsibilities. In navigating this simulation, students not only dispense guidance on infant care but also acquire firsthand awareness of the systemic barriers impeding equitable healthcare access for individuals like Daanis and Zachary.

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As Zachary matures and encounters health issues at the age of 30 months, his grandmother, Rebecca, orchestrates a telehealth consultation. In a bid to enhance the authenticity and cultural sensitivity of this scenario, the backdrop includes artwork sourced from a renowned Turtle Mountain artist. Dr. Wilkie’s deliberate selection of artwork from Bill Brien, a distinguished artist associated with the Turtle Mountains, imbues the telehealth setting with a palpable sense of realism, providing students with a nuanced understanding of the LaFontaine household environment and the cultural tapestry woven into Zachary’s upbringing. This inclusion of authentic artwork not only enriches the telehealth experience but also underscores the program’s commitment to fostering cultural competence among future healthcare providers.

Zachary LaFontaine Shadow Health Assessment

In the Advanced Primary Care – Pediatrics DCE program, students get to meet and interact with Daanis and her son Zachary. They take care of Zachary when he’s just a baby during his 2-month checkup, and later on, they see him again when he’s a little older and not feeling well.

During their time with Zachary and Daanis, students learn about different aspects of caring for infants. They find out that Zachary sometimes sleeps in a cradleboard, which is a traditional carrier used by indigenous families. This assignment helps students understand the cultural practices specific to Daanis’s background, but it also teaches them about common baby care topics that apply to all families. To really understand Zachary’s needs, students have to ask Daanis questions and learn more about how she and Zachary are doing.

This assignment also teaches students about the unequal access to healthcare. Daanis works hard to support herself and Zachary. She goes to school and has a job at the university bookstore to provide for her family. As part of this simulation, students not only give Daanis advice on taking care of Zachary but also learn about the challenges she faces in getting healthcare while balancing work and school.

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When Zachary is 30 months old, he has stomach problems, and his grandmother, Rebecca, arranges a telehealth visit. To make the simulation more realistic and culturally sensitive, the background includes artwork by a Turtle Mountain artist. Dr. Wilkie wanted to give students a true sense of the LaFontaine home, so she chose artwork from Bill Brien, a well-known artist from the Turtle Mountains. This artwork adds authenticity to the telehealth visit scenario, helping students understand the environment Zachary and his family live in.

Zachary LaFontaine Shadow Health Assessment

In the Advanced Primary Care – Pediatrics DCE, students have the opportunity to interact with Daanis and her son Zachary. Students care for Zachary as an infant at his 2-month well visit and then in a later assignment when Zachary is a toddler for a sick visit.

Students learn that baby Zachary sometimes sleeps on a cradleboard, a traditional carrier used historically and still today by indigenous families. While this assignment creates a space for learning and awareness of cultural specificities unique to Daanis’s background, it also is focused on an often-encountered infant care topics across all demographics. With Daanis, students will need to dig deeper to uncover information about Zachary and discover how Daanis and Zachary are doing.

This assignment also includes learning moments for students about inequities in healthcare. Daanis supports herself, attends school, and works a job at the university bookstore to provide for her family. Part of the student’s role in this simulation is to not only provide their patients with education around infant care but also learn more about inequities in healthcare, with Daanis supporting herself and Zachary while continuing to further her education.

Students see Zachary again when he is 30 months old and experiencing gastrointestinal issues. His grandmother, Rebecca, calls in for a telehealth visit. To further showcase the cultural specificities in this simulation, the background also includes artwork from a Turtle Mountain artist in the assignment. This was an important feature to include because it is a telehealth visit case and it gives students a realistic preview of the LaFontaine home. Since we are seeing the LaFontaine home for the first time, Dr. Wilkie recommended one of her favorite artists from the Turtle Mountains, Bill Brien of Bountiful REIs, to provide authentic artwork for the walls of their home.

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Simulation in Shadow Health

  • Graduate DCE: Advanced Primary Care – Pediatrics DCE

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