Practical Nurse LPN Programs in Philadelphia

Practical Nurse LPN Programs in Philadelphia

LPNs in Philadelphia are currently experiencing a surge in demand from hospitals and outpatient clinics. Recent legislative changes regarding IV therapy in the state have played a pivotal role in standardizing approved curricula for certificate programs. This development aims to foster a more comprehensive understanding of the treatment process and its physiological effects among LPNs. Consequently, LPNs are now authorized to perform additional functions in the clinical aspect of their roles, acting as adjuncts to Registered Nurses (RNs) and physicians. This has expanded their employment opportunities to critical care centers, dialysis providers, and various in-home services that can be independently performed.

Top LPN Programs in Philadelphia

1. Community College of Philadelphia
– Location: Philadelphia, PA

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2. Temple University
– Location: Philadelphia, PA

Philadelphia LPN Requirements

To obtain a state nursing license in Philadelphia, applicants must complete an accredited degree program lasting at least one year. Additionally, they need CPR certification, health insurance, and professional liability insurance before applying for the licensing exam. Once these prerequisites are met, the school submits graduation information to the State Board of Nursing, and the applicant submits a license application with the required fees. Successful completion of the NCLEX exam is then necessary to secure the license.

Mastering the NCLEX the First Time: Strategy and Tips

It’s noteworthy that in Philadelphia, nursing students with at least six months of experience can accrue clinical hours outside the course program under a limited license. If a graduate fails the NCLEX, the temporary license becomes void, requiring the applicant to wait at least 45 days before retaking the exam.

Philadelphia LPN Salary

LPNs in Philadelphia earn above the national median salary range, typically falling in the lower part of the 75th percentile. On average, LPNs in the city earn around $48,000 annually, with employment concentrated in rapidly growing branches such as nursing homes and long-term care facilities. While hospitals and private practices offer lower salaries (between $38,000 and $41,000 per year), the higher demand for nurses in these settings may provide greater job security and potential for salary growth. According to, average LPN salaries for job postings in Philadelphia, PA, are 5% higher than the national average.


LPN Jobs & Opportunities

Philadelphia boasts one of the higher concentrations of LPNs in a metropolitan area according to BLS, and despite this concentration, a 5% rise in employment and a 1% increase in wages are expected in the coming year. This indicates a continued need for healthcare workers and LPNs across all healthcare settings, reflecting a high level of job growth and security in the Philadelphia Metro area.

Some employers in Philadelphia include:

Holy Redeemer Lafayette

8580 Verree Road

Philadelphia, PA 19111

(215) 214-2800

This long-term care facility specializes in promoting independent living for individuals with special health needs. LPNs at this facility work under the Nurse Manager, supporting residents’ independence while providing physical and emotional care.

Hoffman Hall

3950 D Street

Philadelphia, PA 19124

(215) 291-1231

Hoffman Hall, a Community Education Center, focuses on providing residential and outpatient services for individuals re-entering the community. LPNs in this role assess drug and alcohol dependency, administer medical and social treatment, and handle various administrative tasks. This position is suitable for both experienced and entry-level candidates.

The Best Philadelphia Practical Nurse LPN Programs and School

1. Community College of Philadelphia

Location: Philadelphia, PA

One accredited program in the greater Metro area is offered by the Community College of Philadelphia, located about 5 miles North of Rittenhouse Square. The four-semester program, spanning about a year, covers theoretical aspects and lab skills for LPNs. Clinical rounds are completed on a temporary license, and students are advised to begin this process around the six-month mark to meet all requirements for the NCLEX upon graduation.

2. Temple University

Location: Philadelphia, PA

The Northeastern Hospital School of Nursing at Temple University provides accredited degree programs over three semesters, with completion possible in as little as 11 months. The course integrates lectures and clinical hours in the teaching hospital, ensuring students meet the prerequisites for the licensing exam.

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