Tips for Delivering Online Nursing Class Presentations

Tips for Delivering Online Nursing Class Presentations

Online presentations as a nursing student might seem intimidating, but this guide offers expert advice from experienced nurses and educators. With the shift to online learning due to the COVID-19 pandemic, nursing programs have also adapted to virtual classrooms. Now, students are tasked with giving online presentations as part of their college courses. For those new to this format, it can feel overwhelming. To provide support, we’ve consulted seasoned nurse educators to offer valuable tips for nursing students transitioning to online education. Read on to discover helpful advice for delivering successful online student presentations.

What to Anticipate in Online Nursing Classes

Online nursing courses differ depending on the program. Generally, distance learners cover the theoretical aspects of their curriculum online. Some programs use synchronous classes, where students join at specific times for lectures or discussions. Other programs offer flexibility, allowing learners to complete coursework at their own pace. However, mandatory on-site labs and clinical rotations at healthcare facilities are often required.

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Online nursing programs typically blend synchronous and asynchronous components, including presentations. Many students find these assignments equally challenging in a virtual setting. If you’re seeking guidance, the following pointers will assist you in crafting an impressive online student presentation that resonates with both your instructor and peers.

Tailor Your Presentation to Your Audience

Understanding your audience is key to shaping your presentation effectively. When addressing fellow nursing students, you can skip defining terminology or explaining foundational nursing concepts.

However, Robin Squellati, a certified nurse practitioner and faculty member at Walden University’s master of science in nursing (MSN) program, advises, “If even one person in the room is not a nurse, avoid using language that might confuse the general audience.”

For assignment presentations, review the rubric to ensure you’ve covered all the requirements.

Incorporate Visual Aids

Visual aids inject color and captivation into your presentation. You can utilize platforms like PowerPoint or student-oriented presentation websites such as Google Slides, Prezi, or Visme.

Additionally, Jamil Norman, a registered nurse (RN) and academic coordinator for Walden University’s RN-to-BSN program, notes, “Visual aids enhance online presentations by helping the audience grasp concepts that might be challenging through text alone.”

When crafting a PowerPoint assignment for college, consider the most effective ways to convey information to your audience.

“Utilize elements like bullet points, diagrams, and images on the slides,” advises Squellati. “Keep in mind those who may be at the back of the virtual room.”

Include Audio or Video Components

Visuals aren’t the only way to make your presentation engaging. Enrich the experience for your viewers by incorporating video or audio clips within your slides.

Norman suggests, “Incorporating narrative elements is a great way to add a personal touch and go beyond the basics of a presentation.”

Prior to the presentation day, ensure you practice to confirm that your audio and video elements function seamlessly. Technical glitches like a silent audio clip or an unplayable video can hinder your presentation’s impact.

Avoid Reading Directly from Notes

Reading your notes verbatim during a presentation can come across as monotonous. It also disconnects you from your audience, potentially leading to disinterest and lack of engagement.

“Be familiar enough with your presentation that you can maintain eye contact and engage with the audience. Use your notes as a guide,” suggests Squellati.

Provide Proper Citations

Include citations on each slide of your online student presentation or compile them on a reference page. Proper citations demonstrate thorough research to your professor and protect you from plagiarism accusations.

“Citing sources isn’t just about avoiding plagiarism; it adds credibility to your presentation. Incorporate literature into your research and acknowledge your sources,” emphasizes Norman.

Be Punctual

Arriving late shows disrespect to your audience, who also have their commitments. Your instructor won’t be impressed either.

“Even a slight delay or time spent resolving technical issues can impact how your presentation is received by the audience,” warns Squellati.

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