Work From Home Healthcare Positions

Work From Home Healthcare Positions

The increasing popularity of telehealth and remote healthcare jobs, spurred on by the COVID-19 pandemic, has opened up a range of opportunities in the healthcare industry. Whether you’re seeking a remote healthcare job or considering transitioning from an in-office role to a work-from-home setup, this guide provides insights into the available healthcare positions that can be performed remotely.


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Explore the following list of common work-from-home healthcare jobs, which includes details about job responsibilities, aspects of remote work, educational requirements, and average salaries:

1. Healthcare Administrator

– Job Description: healthcare administrators oversee medical practices, clinical departments, or healthcare facilities. Their responsibilities include setting goals, ensuring compliance with laws and regulations, improving healthcare delivery, managing staff, and handling finances.
– Remote Work: Much of the daily tasks of healthcare administration involve computer work, interactions with medical staff, and attending meetings. Teleconferencing technology allows administrators to communicate with healthcare professionals and participate in meetings from their home offices.
– Educational Requirements: A bachelor’s degree is the minimum requirement, though many employers prefer candidates with a master’s degree in health administration or advanced nursing. Programs typically take 2-3 years to complete and may include supervised work experience.
– Average Salary: Healthcare administrators earn an average annual salary of $104,280.

2. Telehealth Nurse

– Job Description: Nurses care for patients under the supervision of physicians or higher-level nurses, performing tasks such as assessing patients, recording symptoms and medical history, administering medication, creating care plans, and educating patients. Telehealth has expanded nursing opportunities, including telephone triage and online visits for non-acute conditions.
– Remote Work: Telehealth nurses typically hold registered nurse (RN) licensure and can conduct assessments and provide patient education virtually. Supervisors and educators can conduct meetings and training sessions through videoconferencing.
– Educational Requirements: To become an RN, candidates need a bachelor’s or associate degree in nursing, along with supervised clinical rotations and successful completion of the National Council Licensure Examination NCLEX-RN exam. Specialized certification is optional.
– Average Salary: RNs earn an average annual salary of $75,330 according to Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS).

3. Medical Writer

– Job Description: Medical writers produce various healthcare-related materials, including journal articles, website content, position papers, and training materials. They conduct research, interview medical professionals, and create content tailored to specific audiences.
– Remote Work: Medical writing is well-suited for remote work. Most tasks are computer-based, and interactions with collaborators and experts can be conducted through online conferencing or phone calls.
– Educational Requirements: Extensive knowledge of the healthcare field and medical terminology is necessary. Employers typically require a bachelor’s degree in a relevant medical field or in writing or communications with a background in health or biological sciences. Certification in medical writing is optional but can be advantageous.
– Average Salary: Medical writers earn an average annual salary of around $73,730.

4. Medical Biller and Coder

– Job Description: Medical billers and coders handle patient payments and insurance claims for medical facilities and insurance companies. They use a coding system to update patient diagnoses and procedures and stay current with regulatory standards.
– Remote Work: Much of the work for medical billers and coders can be done on computers and through phone and email interactions with patients, physicians, and insurance companies.
– Educational Requirements: A high school diploma or equivalent is the minimum requirement, and Certified Professional Coder (CPC) certification is necessary. Some individuals pursue a postsecondary certificate or associate degree. One or two years of supervised training is recommended before transitioning to a remote position.
– Average Salary: Medical billers and coders earn an average annual salary of $41,910.

5. Case Manager

– Job Description: Case managers monitor patients’ treatments and insurance coverage, acting as intermediaries between physicians, insurers, and patients. Their responsibilities include assessing patient eligibility, creating care plans, and managing claims.
– Remote Work: While case management traditionally involves some in-person contact, it has transitioned to operate entirely through telehealth. Case managers can check in with patients and consult with physicians online or by phone and work with insurance companies through phone and email.
– Educational Requirements: Case managers typically hold a bachelor’s degree in nursing or a related field, and many employers prefer to hire RNs or candidates with a master’s degree. Essential skills include knowledge of medical terminology, electronic medical records, and counseling.
– Average Salary: Case managers earn an average annual salary of approximately $52,800.

6. Healthcare Recruiter

– Job Description: Healthcare recruiters look for and communicate with medical professionals on behalf of employer organizations. Their duties include screening and interviewing applicants, contacting references, and submitting applications to the hiring committee.
– Remote Work: Recruiting can be effectively carried out as a work-from-home position. Employers and applicants can be contacted by phone or email, and interviews and presentations about the facility can take place through videoconferencing. Database management and other tasks are performed on the computer.
– Educational Requirements: While some employers may prefer a medical or nursing background, others seek candidates with sales or recruiting experience. A bachelor’s degree in human resources or business administration is a common educational background, although some employers hire high school graduates with relevant work experience.
– Average Salary: Healthcare recruiters earn an average annual salary of $47,980.

7. Nutritionist

– Job Description: Nutritionists advise clients on their diets with the goal of helping them achieve various health-related objectives, including weight loss, better health, athletic performance, and recovery from illness, eating disorders, treatments, or injuries. Clients may include individuals, hospitals, clinics, and schools.
– Remote Work: Nutritionists can conduct their work remotely through phone, email, or teleconferencing with clients. Some nutritionists may travel to individual clients’ homes for counseling sessions.
– Educational Requirements: Most employers require a bachelor’s degree in nursing, dietetics, or nutrition. In certain settings, such as hospitals, a master’s degree may be preferred or required. Nutritionists may also need a state license, depending on the jurisdiction. Certification options include Certified Nutrition Specialist and Registered Dietitian or Dietitian Nutritionist.
– Average Salary: Nutritionists earn an average annual salary of approximately $45,810.

8. Healthcare Information Technician

– Job Description: Healthcare information technicians, also known as healthcare informaticists, record and update patient health and treatment information. They collect data, clarify diagnoses, and compile follow-up information for electronic health records. These technicians fulfill records requests and may also assist medical staff with administrative support.
– Remote Work: Health record databases can be accessed remotely, while interactions with physicians, nurses, and health information staff can occur through phone, email, or video conferferencing.
– Educational Requirements: Healthcare information technicians typically hold a bachelor’s degree in health information or informatics. Key knowledge areas and skills include classification and coding, health data requirements and standards, and medical terminology.
– Average Salary: Healthcare information technicians earn an average annual salary of around $44,090.

9. Insurance Representative

– Job Description: Insurance representatives work for insurance companies, brokers, hospitals, and medical facilities. Their responsibilities may include selling health insurance policies, explaining policy options to clients, processing applications and updates, and assisting with customer service.
– Remote Work: Insurance representatives often work from home and communicate with clients, employers, and job seekers through phone, email, and online platforms. Company and client meetings can be attended remotely.
– Educational Requirements: Employers typically require a bachelor’s degree in business, finance, or economics, along with some sales experience.
– Average Salary: Insurance representatives earn an average annual salary of $39,960.

10. Medical Transcriptionist

– Job Description: Medical transcriptionists convert dictated voice recordings from physicians, nurses, and other medical staff into written reports for electronic health records. Dictations may include patient histories, examination notes, referral letters, and discharge summaries.
– Remote Work: Medical transcriptionists often work remotely, receiving and submitting their assigned work electronically. They can set their own schedules as long as they meet their deadlines.
– Educational Requirements: Employers typically hire graduates of certificate programs or individuals with associate degrees in medical transcription. These programs, which typically last 1-2 years, often include supervised training. Certification is optional but preferred by many employers and can be obtained from the Association for Healthcare Documentation Integrity.
– Average Salary: Medical transcriptionists earn an average annual salary of $35,270.

11. Medical Record Reviewer

– Job Description: Medical record reviewers examine medical documents for accuracy, including patient records and insurance billing requests. Their responsibilities involve ensuring that information is correct and require knowledge of medical terminology and coding, as well as strong concentration and attention to detail.
– Remote Work: With the increasing use of electronic medical records in hospitals and clinics, remote work has become more common in this field. Assignments typically involve accessing online databases and other computer-based resources for patient health records and insurance forms.
– Educational Requirements: Employers generally seek candidates with an associate or a bachelor’s degree in health information or informatics, and some prefer those with certifications from organizations like the American International Medical Record Review Association and the Medical Review Officer Certification Council.
– Average Salary: Medical record reviewers earn an average annual salary of approximately $33,280.

Making the Transition to Remote Work

There has never been a better time to consider transitioning to a remote work setup or to pursue a work-from-home career in the healthcare sector. The COVID-19 pandemic has reshaped the way employers and employees view remote work, and the growing demand for medical professionals has created a multitude of opportunities in various healthcare fields.

Many of these new positions can be effectively performed remotely, and if you’re currently in an in-office role, your employer might be open to the idea of a work-from-home arrangement. Demonstrating your ability to work efficiently from a home office with reliable internet and phone service can significantly enhance your chances of securing a remote healthcare job.

Work From Home Healthcare Positions

The increasing popularity of telehealth and remote healthcare jobs, spurred on by the COVID-19 pandemic, has opened up a range of opportunities in the healthcare industry. Whether you’re seeking a remote healthcare job or considering transitioning from an in-office role to a work-from-home setup, this guide provides insights into the available healthcare positions that can be performed remotely.

Frequently Asked Questions About Remote Healthcare Jobs

– What types of employers hire work-from-home healthcare workers?

– Work-from-home opportunities in healthcare can be found in a range of settings, including hospitals, clinics, physicians’ offices, long-term care facilities, and home healthcare. Large insurance companies like Anthem, Cigna, and UnitedHealthcare also offer remote work options. Some positions are suitable for contractors and freelancers, such as nutrition counseling, medical writing, and medical transcription.

– What is the best degree for remote healthcare jobs?

– A nursing degree, especially an associate degree in nursing (ADN) or a bachelor of science in nursing (BSN), is a solid choice for remote healthcare work. Both ADN and BSN qualifications enable graduates to become licensed registered nurses (RNs). Nursing education covers many of the knowledge areas and skills required for remote healthcare roles.

– Do work-from-home healthcare jobs typically pay less?

– According to FlexJobs, medical coders who work remotely generally earn salaries comparable to their in-office counterparts. The salary parity for other remote healthcare positions may vary depending on factors such as geographic location and employer demand. However, remote workers often benefit from reduced commuting expenses, childcare costs, office attire expenses, and meal expenses.

– What skills are important for remote healthcare work?

– Remote healthcare work demands essential skills including self-motivation, the ability to work independently, computer proficiency, and strong communication skills, particularly clear and concise writing. Remote workers need to maintain focus and collaborate with on-site staff through phone, email, and internet communication.

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