Is a Health Science Degree Worth It?

Is a Health Science Degree Worth It?

A health science degree offers a significant return on investment, allowing you to have a fulfilling and well-paying career.

Jobs open to bachelor’s degree-holders, such as health educators and community health workers, earn a median annual wage $61,980 a year.

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Is a Health Science Degree Worth It?

Are you seeking a degree that can lead to a flexible and financially rewarding career? If you’re passionate about STEM and making a positive impact on the world, a health science degree might be the perfect choice.

How to Become a Healthcare Administrator

Graduates with health science degrees can secure lucrative positions in various fields, including administration, research, communications, counseling, and education. These professionals work as claims reviewers, medical records administrators, medical laboratory technicians, healthcare interpreters, and clinical social workers.

The interdisciplinary curriculum of a health science major opens up numerous career paths in a thriving industry. The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) predicts a 10.5% increase in STEM occupations from 2020 to 2030, outpacing the average for all occupations. STEM jobs also offer a higher median annual wage compared to other professions.

So, you might wonder how a versatile health science degree can make a difference in your career and help you secure a high-paying job.

What to Know About Getting a Health Science Degree

A health science degree necessitates completing core education credits in statistics, psychology, human anatomy and physiology, physics, and chemistry. Students often choose specific concentrations or electives, which can include biomedical science, healthcare administration and leadership, and social and behavioral sciences. This versatility provides significant advantages, high salary potential, and diverse job opportunities in the field.

Health Science Degree Is Versatile

A health science degree offers access to a wide range of healthcare job opportunities, unlike more specialized degrees. Graduates can work in medicine, pharmacology, law and health policy, business, or nonprofit organizations, and advocacy. According to Summer McGee, president of Salem Academy and College, and a Ph.D. holder in bioethics and health policy, “A degree in health sciences allows individuals numerous lucrative career routes while also making a positive impact on society.”

STEM jobs in healthcare have a median annual salary of $95,420, and the industry is experiencing a 16% growth rate, surpassing other professions. Healthcare employers anticipate adding 2.6 million job opportunities from 2020 to 2030.

You Can Make a Difference With a Health Science Degree

Earning a health science degree empowers you to contribute to the world, especially during a crucial period in history, marked by the COVID-19 pandemic. The pandemic has shifted societal priorities and emphasized the significance of healthcare. As McGee points out, “Because 65% of Gen Z wants to personally create something to change the world — health is an industry ripe for radical change, and this makes a health sciences major a great choice for them.”

Statistics from the Pew Research Center show that a significant portion of Gen Z attends college, and this generation values education. A Bachelor’s in Health Science not only prepares you for various job opportunities but also aligns with the desire for financial security and a chance to make a difference.

A Bachelor’s in Health Science Prepares You for Ample Job Opportunities

While every college degree comes with a financial cost, pursuing a bachelor’s degree in health science offers a remarkable return on investment. Graduates can find fulfilling careers in roles like health educators, patient care advocates, registered dietitians, registered radiologic technologists, and research assistants. Depending on the job, additional certification may be required.

Is a Degree in Health Science Worth It?

A health science degree provides a well-rounded education that doesn’t restrict you to a single job. This comprehensive education allows for career path flexibility. Jobs available to bachelor’s degree-holders, such as health educators and community health workers, offer a median annual wage of $61,980.

Beyond financial stability, health science degrees equip graduates for rewarding careers. Students pursuing a health science degree need to be problem-solvers, big thinkers, and visionaries. Competencies in core concepts, including writing, critical thinking, and communication, are honed through interdisciplinary coursework.

The Bottom Line

Today’s challenges require professionals with a diverse education and a passion for making a positive impact. As of February 2022, the BLS reported 2,167 job openings in education and health services. Health science majors, with a strong foundation in math, science, communication, and the social sciences, have an advantage in the job market. Graduates can enhance their marketability by specializing in a particular area of healthcare.

Regardless of your chosen field, McGee’s advice holds true: “Find your passion and pursue it tirelessly.” Additionally, consider identifying a healthcare challenge you’re passionate about solving, and develop the necessary skills during your educational journey.

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